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Welcome to my site.

I have created this site to showcase some of my photographs, and inside you will find some galleries of recent images. I intend to add some technical details about the equipment and methods used to take them real soon now!. There will also some details of the tools and techniques used to create this web site, and anything else that I've thought to be interesting or useful. If you like the site and the contents, or have any comments at all, please contact me using the Contact page, and let me know how I can improve it.

Steve Morton

January 2020


The site is currently under development - content will change frequently, and may disappear with no warning!


The old site is still on this server, and you can access it here.

April 2020

I have been playing around with a 'Field Studio' setup, as described by Niall Benvie, a Scotttish wildlife photographer.

I was able to quickly obtain interesting results, and have started to document my experiences here.

February 2020

The site is now live.

The Balbooa gallery component has gone, as I couldn't get it to display the images as I wanted - I really don't like the lightbox style presentations used by this and other gallery components.

The site now uses Juicebox galleries, which, after some fiddling, I have set up with a presentation that I like. Although not a Joomla component, the JB galleries can be easily embedded in Joomla articles, and generally work well. There is also a Lightroom plugin available, enabling galleries to be created directly from within Lightroom, which is convenient.

I have finally got round to updating this site with a more modern, properly responsive design, although I have kept some of the original colours and  typography, as I like them!

The new version has been built using the Joomla CMS, currently at v3.9, and I have used the detault Protostar template. At the moment, I am using the free version of  BAGallery by Balbooa for the gallery pages, but I will probably upgrade to the Pro version shortly, to get more flexible display options.


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